The Food Issue

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.43.09 PM

Scripps is right: we do have a food issue.

This college takes immense pride in its food. It’s part of Scripps’ overall obsession with perpetuating this perfect image of all these happy students frolicking around orange trees and pools. What’s beneath is far from perfect.

Students with dietary restrictions potentially don’t know what’s in the food they’re eating.

Students don’t know where their food comes from.

Students don’t have a choice when it comes to meals.

We have a students’ rights issue.

Sodexo isn’t just far from perfect, it’s about as far from perfect as a dining hall service could be.

Eating at Malott forces students to support a corporation that benefits from the prison-industrial complex and paid $80 million to settle a class action lawsuit about racial discrimination, among other atrocities.

We have a social responsibility issue.

The most visible sustainability initiative undergone by Malott in the past year is the discontinuation of the table tents (flyers on the middle of the dining hall tables). Bon Appétit has been sourcing at least 20% of each meal it serves from within 150 miles since 1999.

We have a sustainability issue.

To avoid having allergic reactions, many students limit themselves to eating the same foods for each meal because the labeling cannot be trusted and there are not sufficient options.

We have a health issue.


Most importantly, we have a food issue.




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