Alternatives to Sodexo

CMC and Pitzer both use Bon Appétit in their dining halls, so it’s feasible that Scripps could too.

Bon Appétit endorses fair food laws, tries to minimize food waste (their triangle of food recovery is shownfoodrecoveryhierarchy at right), and is exploring ways to reduce water and energy usage.

Pomona uses in-house dining services and made the switch in 2011. Previous to this, Pomona used Sodexo, but decided that Sodexo was not providing any satisfying response to a variety of important issues.

Scripps could choose any number of dining management companies besides Sodexo. The most evident choice is Bon Appétit, as it is already in use on the 5C campuses. No corporation is perfect, but Bon Appétit has made excellent strides in working towards a corporate structure that aligns with our goals (reduction of food waste, reduction of allergens, encouragement of fair food laws, etc.)

In addition, Scripps could restructure its feedback opportunities in any number of ways to cater better to student input. Although we fill out a survey once a semester (over email, too – who even sees it in the deluge of emails that we receive?), Harvey Mudd has a Food Board and asks for student reviews of the Hoch multiple times a month. This student feedback is heard and used, as well – if students request more or less of a particular dish or theme, the Hoch does its best to accommodate these requests. Scripps is our home and many of us will live, work, and eat here for four years. Don’t our voices deserve to be heard?