Student Opinions

What is your biggest issue with Malott Dining Commons?

Do you know anything about Sodexo? Do you agree with Scripps’ use of Sodexo at Malott?

Do you know about any of Sodexo’s controversies across the world?

Do you feel that you have enough of the right kinds of food options at Malott?

Do you wish Scripps students had more input at the Malott Dining Commons?

How important is it for you to have locally sourced foods?

Would you support a food service with a history of denying workers’ rights? Would you support a food service that actively prevents workers from organizing? Prevents unions? Would you support a food service that paid off $80 million after a class action lawsuit because they routinely discriminated against thousands of black workers?

Some of these questions are on our survey, which you can fill out to give us feedback!

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